Construction Industry Drives Historically Low Unemployment Specialty Construction Grows by 20,500 Positions in May


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Construction Industry Drives Historically Low Unemployment
Specialty Construction Grows by 20,500 Positions in May

Washington, DC – The Bureau of Labor Statistics today released May’s employment data, revealing unemployment at an 18-year low and steady growth in the construction industry. The country added 223,000 positions, including 25,000 new positions in construction.

“Construction Employers of America is encouraged by continued employment growth in the construction industry,” said Jack Jacobson, spokesperson for the Construction Employers of America. “The economy’s growth would be even greater if Congress passed significant legislation to invest in the country’s dilapidated infrastructure. A comprehensive infrastructure package would drive unemployment down even further, while using this period of economic growth as an opportunity to build the infrastructure that would support long-term economic stability.”

Unemployment has fallen the past two months, from 4.1% to 3.8%, nearing full employment. Specialty construction employment rose to 4,602,300 positions, adding 14,800 jobs in the nonresidential sector and 5,700 jobs in the residential sector. Nationally, 7,210,000 Americans are employed in the construction industry.

“Specialty construction contractors are eager to work with Congress to take advantage of the current economic and employment situation to make thoughtful improvements to federal policies affecting the construction industry,” added Jacobson. “Congress can authorize composite plans to shore up multiemployer pension plans, pass infrastructure legislation to put more Americans to work, and make investments in accredited apprenticeship and workforce development programs that will ensure continued growth in construction employment in the coming years.”

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