Specialty Trades Add 8,900 Jobs in September

October 6, 2017

Specialty Construction Continues to Dominate the Construction Labor Market

Washington, DC – The Bureau of Labor Statistics today released the country’s September employment numbers, revealing modest but important growth in the construction sector. With unemployment dipping to 4.2%, specialty trade contractors added 8,900 positions, including 8,500 positions in the non-residential specialty construction market.

“Construction Employers of America is pleased to see employment growth among specialty construction firms,” said Jack Jacobson, spokesperson for Construction Employers of America. “Our investment in robust apprenticeship and training programs ensures that our firms are completing high-quality projects for our clients.”

On a year-over-year basis, specialty trades have added nearly 120,000 positions since September 2016, and currently account for over 4.4 million jobs from coast-to-coast, comprising nearly 64% of the construction labor force. In September residential construction contracted, as did heavy and civil engineering construction.

“We are pleased with this month’s jobs numbers,” continued Jacobson. “However, the loss of jobs in heavy and civil engineering construction reiterate the need for Congress and the Administration to focus on infrastructure investments and tax reform. We urge action on both bills before the end of the year; our firms will need time to plan and scale up for the work that will be generated once Congress acts.”

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