CEA Thanks the Honorable Richard Hanna for Voting Against the King Amendment 1330 on Prevailing Wage

On behalf of the Construction Employers of America and our five member associations, we thank you for your vote against Congressman Steve King’s amendment (H.Amdt. 1330) to H.R. 5538, the “Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017”.  Congressman King’s amendment would have prohibited federal funds to implement, administer, or enforce prevailing wage requirements, more commonly known as “Davis-Bacon”.

For over 80 years, Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements have ensured that companies pay fair wages and labor receives fair compensation for work based on regional wages. Prevailing wage safeguards have proven sound construction procurement policy, ensuring project success by respecting and adhering to prevailing workforce standards and wages. Davis-Bacon discourages artificially low bids that undercut high workforce standards. Artificially low bids frequently lead to claims, disputes, and project delays. Established industry and project owner practices in both the private and public sectors recognize that high workforce standards deliver superior project
outcomes. Prevailing wage standards also promote using local labor forces for public works projects.

By voting to defeat Congressman King’s amendment, you stood up for high-quality, specialty construction work. Construction Employers of America, the 22,000 construction companies affiliated with CEA and our member associations, and our combined 1.4 million employees nationwide appreciate your leadership on this critical issue.

Click here to download a PDF of the letter to the Honorable Richard Hanna